• Plant Design Beads

    Blossoms, Leaves and other plant designs

    Here you will find the world of plants immortalized in fine silver beads.

  • 5 Little Leaves

    5 Little Leaves
  • Pendant cup mallow

  • Pendant Leave With Tendril

  • Pendant Little Orchid

  • Charm Blossom Capsule

  • Little Flower

  • Little Flower 12mm

    Little Flower 12mm
  • Mini Blossoms

  • Bead Leave

  • Bead Flowered Capsule Silver 950

    Bead Flowered Capsule Silver 950
  • Bead silver bud

    Bead silver bud
  • Bead starflower 12mm

    Bead starflower 12mm
  • Bead Small Leave

    Bead Small Leave
  • Bead Heart Leaf 27mm