Instruction - Easy bending loops and creating ear jewelry

In that workshop we want to show how you can create earrings and bend a simple loop. It is a variable technique and can be used for many other designs..

You will need material as follows:

Bild 1


Any bead an a 2,5cm headpin with round or flat head.

Bild 2

Step 1

Der Headpin wird mit dem Kopf nach unten durch die Perle geschoben.

Put the headpin through the bead, the headpins head is at the down side 

Bild 3

Step 2

Bend the headpin part above in 90 Grade

Bild 4

Step 3

Take the round plier and bend the headpin above the bead slowly in one direction. Grip the wire in the pliers centre, the plier is conical formed and in the centre bending is more easy and it helps to create always the same loop size.

Bild 5

Step 4

Grip the headpins wire again app. in the pliers nose centre and bend it completly down in direction to the beads threadhole. The round nose of the plier help to create an app. round loop

Bild 6

Step 5

Push the open end of the headpin some millimeter completly in the beads threadhole. But now please use for gripping the wire the top of the pliers nose

Bild 7

Step 6

Open the loop of your earhook or if the loop is closed use a jumpring to connect.

Bild 8

Step 7

Hang the beads loop in  the open loop of the earhook or jumpring.

Bild 9

Step 8

In the end you have to close the earhooks loop and the first earring is ready. Repeat all steps again for a complete earring set.

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