Instruction - Create your own earrings by using your self made earring pendants

This example shows how you can build an earring pendant easily. The instruction can be used for creating necklaces too. What kind of material you use does no matter. You can take what ever you have to work.


Needed Tools :

move the bead on then wire

Picture 2

You take any kind of bead, move it on the wire, than you push the both spacers on the wire, one spacer to the left, the other to the right side of the bead.

bend the wire 90 grade

Picture 3

Now you have to bend the wire opposite in 90 Grade.

bend a loop by using the round plier

Picture 4

Now you bend the wire at the centre first half, then take the wire by the round plier and bend a half eye, but do not close the eye jet.

hang on the charms in the loop


The first pendant can be hang on the open eye now. With the top of the plier you take the wire now, close the eye and move the wire a little bit inside the bead, for making the eye stable. It is a little bit difficult and you may need some practices. If the wire seems to be to long cut it.

make all steps again for the second earring

Picture 6

You have to repeat all steps on the other side of the earring pendant. Now you take an earhook with eye or like in this case an earpost with eye. You open the eye of the earpost and hang on the earring pendant and close the eye again.

your earrings are ready have fun

The final picture

The finished work should look like this. Now you do all the steps again for the second earring pendant and you will have a pair of nice earring jewelry.

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