Jewelry and fashion - which necklace fits to which fashion cut

Rundhalsshirt 1

Round Neck Cut

To round neck cuts fit depending on the cuts size a multi-row chains in various versions. Depending on the style of the garment they can be luxurious, sporty or failed.

Rundhalsshirt 2

Nice is also a round pendant, because it traces the shape of the cutout and fits so harmoniously into the neckline.

V-Neck Cut

A V-neck lengthens the neck and can make the face look narrower. Therefore, you should not cancle out this effect by using a necklace. Long earrings look better, which also emphasize the face and neck. Do you want to wear a necklace for V-neck anyway, you should make sure that the chain runs parallel to the neck and carries with the V-effect. Conveniently are all chains with pendants, Y-chains and triangular pendants.


U-Bootshirt 1

U-Boat Neck Cut

The u-boat cut is very flexible. If you are one of the most enviable people with a gooseneck, a chunky, short necklace looks very fine.

U-Bootsshirt 2

Otherwise fits each long chain, with or without a pendant. Take care that the chain is well going above the cut, with long tops or dresses they may well extend to the belly button.

High-Necked Clothes - Turtleneck

In high-necked clothes, such as roll-up collar and turtlenecks you may slog. Black turtleneck pullover love flashy big chains. Note: also here: less is more! Avoid in addition to wear big earrings. Small earposts or small earrings are the absolute maximum here.

Rollkragen 1Rollkragen 2

Korsage 1


To corsages or the strapless evening dress asymmetrical necklace fits particularly well.

Korsage 2

Of course, also fits a symmetrical necklace to corsages. Is the necklace more conspicuous, the less belongs to his ear.

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