Using crimp pliers - Instruction for creating necklaces by using crimp pliers

Instruction for using a crimp plier

Instruction for using crimp pliers

The crimping pliers are a jewelry tool which forms a smooth and unobtrusive crimp. No more unsightly and sharp Crimp beads how you know it from using a flat-nose pliers.

Move the wire / thread end through a crimp tube or crimp bead and through the eye of the closure; then back through the crimp tube.

Pull the loop of the wire so that stay some place to lock - loop remains.

Cut the shorter piece of wire flush with the crimp off.

Then gently pull the loop, so that the cut end of the wire just disappears into the crimp tube.

Squeeze the tube now " crimp " (E).

Optimal maintenance you will have when each one end of the wire is on the left and right side of the the fold .

Now exit by placing the tube in the front part of the clamp (F).

Using the fold forward vigorously then is compressed.

Bead now the beads and start again the proceed as described . Leave some space at the end again, as larger the pearl , the greater the margin .