Leather cord glueing in endcaps video instruction

Glueing leather or jewelry cords in endcaps or jewelry clasps

Leather jewelry picTips and tricks about the production of leather chains. In the past there were always questions or even complaints, because customers tried to squeeze the leather tape with a pair of pliers in the jewelry lock.
We would advise against this in general, unless they are such folding closures, which are specifically designed for crushing. These are usually closures for narrow and thin leather strips.

They all know the problem when you want to glue leather tape into end caps. Frequently, the end piece of the leather strap does not fit exactly into the bought end caps or the leather cord closure.

Whether you use round or flat leather straps or braided leather straps, the jewelery band rarely fits exactly into the opening of the end caps. Too big or too small, what can you do?

In our video we show you how to glue in the cords ends and how to fix smaller differences in cords sizes

Thick leather straps can be slightly slanted on the length of the end caps, so that it slides in well. You will not see it.
In the case of a somewhat too thin, braided leather band, one can braid a small piece and stuff it to fill the end caps.
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