Information of Magic and Arts for consumers to the taking back duty of packaging

According to packaging order Magic and Arts is obliged to take back free of charge sales packaging which is not marked with a sign of a system of the exhaustive disposal (the "green point"). Hence, they can send this packaging on our costs to us.

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1. The order is valid for everybody in the area of application of the circular flow economy law and Waste Act in traffic for brought packaging, no matter whether they result in the industry, in trade, in the management, in the trade, in the service area, in house positions or somewhere else and regardless of the materials of which they exist.

2. So far on grounds of other regulations special demands for packaging or the disposal of packaging rubbish or the transportation of packed products or for packaging rubbish exist, these remain untouched.

3. To oblige the competence of the alliance, the countries and municipalities, third with the use of her facilities or properties as well as the special use of public streets to the avoidance and utilisation of rubbish, remains untouched.

4$ taking back duties for transport packaging 1st manufacturer and distributor are obliged to take back transport packaging after use. Within the scope of returning supplies the taking back can also occur with one of the next deliveries.

2. The taken back transport packaging is to be supplied to a renewed use or a material utilisation, as far as this is reasonable technically possibly and economically (§5 paragraph. 4 of the circular flow economy law and Waste Act), in particular for a won material a market exists or can be created. With transport packaging, immediately from growing again raw materials produces are, the energetic utilisation of the material utilisation is treated as equal. §5 taking back duties for Umverpackungen 1st distributors which offer goods in Umverpackungen are obliged to remove the Umverpackungen with the delivery of the goods to end user or to give opportunity for removing and to the free return of the Umverpackung to the end user in the sales place or on the area belonging to the sales place. This is not valid if the end user requires the handing over of the goods in the Umverpackung; in this case the regulations about the taking back of sales packaging are valid accordingly. 2. As far as the distributor does not remove the Umverpackung, he must point in the cash by clearly recognizable and readable written boards to the fact, that the end user in the sales place or on to the sales place belonging

Duty to the participation in the binary system

The government has dismissed the amendment of the packaging order. It was written out in the federal law sheet on the 2nd of April, 2008 and comes into force to the 1st of January, 2009. The amendment intends that in future all packaging (up to few exceptions) which reach to private end users must be licensed with binary systems.

Packages of Magic and Arts are licensed from 1.1.2009 with

Der Grüne Punkt ® Duales System Deutschland GmbH

Frankfurter Str.720-726
51145 Köln-Porz

Magic and Arts licence number: 5557656