Clasps for Leather jewelry

Which clasps are suitable for leather jewelery, bracelets or necklaces made of leather?

Leather jewelery is fully fashionable and the selection of leather straps and leather straps is just as great as the more or less suitable fasteners. It is a good idea to make your own leather bracelet or a necklace for the great trailer you bought on holiday. But which closure fits on which leather strap? How is it fastened and what must be considered when choosing? In this guide, we would like to present you a small overview with information, tips and design suggestions for leather jewelery, which may bring a bit of light into the dark.

Clasps for leather jewelery: round leather straps, smooth, plaited or quilted

Round leather straps are available in different thicknesses. They are well suited for simple necklaces where you want to wear a pendant. But be careful: leather is a natural product, the skin is not everywhere equally strong. Circumstances are often also composed, because the length of the skin is limited. At these places, too thin leather can tear. We recommend using a leather band with at least 1.5 mm, better than 2mm diameter for a necklace. Simple end caps with eyelet, into which the leather tape is glued, are suitable as a closure. As an adhesive we use a high-quality superglue, eg Pascofix instant adhesive or Instant adhesive Future Glue with brush . At the end caps, a carabiner or spring ring closure is attached with a bending ring. Ideal is an extension chain on the opposite side, into which the closure can be hooked at any point so that the length is flexible. Tip: Attach the buckle to the end caps before gluing and hang the carabiner in the loop or extension chain. Only then glue the leather tape into the end caps. This procedure prevents twisting of the leather strap because the closure is not seated correctly.

At the end caps, you should consider a half-millimeter margin. Example: You have a 4 mm thick leather strap. Then, the inner diameter of the end cap or closure should be 4.5 mm. This also applies to braided or quilted round leather straps. Tip: If the band is still a bit too thick, cut the end a bit obliquely. So it fits better in the cap. Leather tape with a diameter of 0.5 and 1 mm is only suitable for braiding and macramé work or for several layers. We recommend: If you still want to wear a 1mm band as a necklace, we recommend a textile tape, eg Cotton Cord. This is stable enough. If you want to stick several round tapes into a round end cap or a round hole, it is not enough to take the double or triple size.

Example for 2mm Cords :
Inside diameter numbers cords
3 mm 2
4 mm 4
5 mm 6
6 mm 8
8 mm 10

We recommend: If you are not sure what size you need, wrap the end of your tapes filing tape with tesafilm, then hold the end on a piece of paper and pull a circle around it by keeping it close to the ribbons. Then measure the diameter of this circle. This is the measurement you need.

Clasps for Leather Jewelry: Leather jewelry of Macramée or other braiding works

Macramee bracelet with click clasp

Leathercord Clasp Steel Quadrangle 4.8mm, Spacer 3mm round Surgical Steel, Leathercord 1mm Black

The inside size of the buckle for Macramée bracelets or other braiding should have as minimum the added dimensions of each band plus 0.5 mm in length and the height should be at least the thickness of the band. Example: You braid with 4 ribbons with a diameter of 2mm.

Example: The required internal dimension is at least 8.5 x 2 mm.

You can also choose significantly larger sizes if you glue the already braided tape. Then the maximum inside dimension corresponds to the width of the bracelet plus 0.5 mm and the height of the thickness of the bracelet plus 0.5 mm.

Example: In our example, the tape has become 12 mm wide and 6 mm thick. The maximum size of the closure is then 12.5 x 6.5 mm. Many measures, which lie between our minimum and maximum, can also be used in our experience.

Then make a large knot as a button or fasten a button, a bead or a toggle as shown in the pictures.

Verschlüsse für Leder Schmuck: Beispiel Knopfverschluss Macramee bracelet

Cotton Cord 1mm Natural Standard

Ceramic Beads Mix Peru Round 10mm

Ceramic Beads Mix Peru Round 10mm
Peruvian Ceramic Tube Beads 10 Pcs 9mmCotton Cord 1mm Natural Standard

Macramee bracelet with bird Macramee bracelet with bird -Mystic circle-

Leathercord Flat Black Dyed 10mm

Jewelry Clasp Bird Zamak Silverplated Flat 10mm

Magnetic Clasp For Flat 10mm Jewelry Cords

Leathercord Flat Black Dyed 10mm


If you want to stick flat leather straps into a closure or an end cap, it is better, as with round ribbons, if you have a bit of leeway. Example: If your tape is 10 mm wide x 2 mm thick, this is the minimum size for the closure or cap 10.2 x 2.2 mm. In the width you can also take a maximum of 11 mm. The height should not be exceeded, however, since you may have an ugly gap and the tape can not be glued properly.

Tip: with very thin flat ribbons, you can fold the end if necessary and stick it double into the closure. If the tape is a little too wide, cut it obliquely on both sides. Another way to apply a closure is quite simple: with the perforated punch you punch a small hole at each end, into which you attach a bending ring and attach a lock of your choice.

Lobster claw clasp for bracelets Lobster claw clasp for bracelets

Leathercord Flat Magma Red 5mm

Infinity link silver plated

Stainless Steel Lobster Claw Clasp 13mm 5 pcs.

Stainless Steel Lobster Claw Clasp 13mm - 5pcs

Jumprings Open 8mm Wire 0.8mm

Alle here shown Leathercord Clasps you can find in our shop.