Jewelry contest for jewelry designer

picture magic and arts jewelry contest 2012

Magic and Arts, open jewelry contest 2012

Take part in Magic and Arts jewelry contest 2012 and win one of 12 vouchers in the value of 50 Euro up to1000 Euro.
We are searching for smart and unique jewelry designs in the categories necklaces and other jewelry.
Everybody who is interested in creating jewelry can take part in Magic and Arts Jewelry Contest 2012.
Closing date is the 30.06.2012

Who can participate?

Anyone who has the joy of jewelry making. We evaluate the design as the most important criterion. This can be expensive and complicated techniques, but also to have been achieved with simple means. Excluded from participation in the competitive jewelry but are employees of Magic and Arts and the jury members.

What gems can be submitted to the competition?

There are two categories: Necklace Other jewelry In the category of "other jewelry" They have a free choice. You can send in photos of bracelets, earrings, foot ornaments, rings, hair accessories etc.. The selection of material and designs are limitless. Provided, however, is that at least 50% of the material used in Magic and Arts was acquired.

What is the timing? The competition starts on 15.01.2012, deadline is the 30.06.2012. The photos are from 1.08. to 31.08. audience and asked to choose all the winners will be presented in late September on our site. The winners will be notified either by e-mail and telephone.

How to judge?

From the photos submitted, the jury selects the 15 best designs from the category Necklace and the top 30 from the category of "other jewelry". These jewelry pieces are then sent to Magic and Arts in the original, if we once again photographed and published the photos on our website and on Facebook. The winners will be determined by audience vote on Facebook and on our side. The rights to all photos submitted will go to Magic and Arts on the photos and can be used by us for promotional purposes. After determining the winner of the original pieces of jewelry to be returned to the sender.

Who is the jury?

Our judges for the initial selection is made both from people who have a professional to do with jewelry, as well as from lay people, the jewelry "just beautiful" place. These are: Knühmann Udo, a layman Dagmar Dahlen-Tayab, jewelry maker and owner of Magic and Arts B.S., jewelry maker Tordis Schneider, Laie. The best creations selected from each category will be posted to our site and on Facebook and the winners chosen by the audience.

What are the prizes?

First Price necklace:

A shopping voucher from Magic and Arts in the value of 1000 €

Second Price necklace:

A shopping voucher from Magic and Arts in the value of 500 €

Third Price necklace:

A shopping voucher from Magic and Arts in the value of 250 €

First Price of other jewelry:

A shopping voucher from Magic and Arts in the value of 500 €

Second Price of other jewelry:

A shopping voucher from Magic and Arts in the value of 100 €

Third Price of other jewelry:

An annual subscription to Poetry magazine beads

4.-10. Price of other jewelry: A shopping voucher of Magic and Arts in the value of 50 €

What should I look for when sending in the photos?

Sending you to a maximum of 2 photos with the highest possible resolution (300 - 400 pixels / inch) in the original. The file format we accept. Jpg and. Psd files. You can send the photos in an attachment to an e-mail to or on CD to our address. The total file size should not exceed 5 MB. Please do not forget to give us your name and address. After sending in the photos you receive a form to control the name in case of a possible publication, such as Facebook and advertising purposes on our site. Here you can choose whether your picture is published, with or without your name. The winners will be named in each case, however, by name. The photos may not contain any people, links or other information that may violate the privacy rights of third parties. Photos that do not meet these requirements will be rejected by us.