Jewellery designs by Wire Working- Techniques and inspiration

Even jewellery to produce takes pleasure topically of increasing popularity before all with the ladies. It gives of course also big pleasure to himself to the new outfit with dress or blouse still the in colour fitting necklace to make ear jewellery or bracelet in addition. However, the dot on i. It also gives many Smart lovers and artists who are active in this area on business and work for your customers on order. Who wants to succeed there, must act already a little bit more, than to line up only simple beading. Who has already been in the USA which knows maybe what the ladies and men can produce there everything. One finds there partly mad designs which are based on the most different technologies. As with all craft things one can think up such technologies without instructions hardly himself. But such jewellery design professionals are to be found here in Germany difficult. Therefore, a good alternative is to be appropriated with the help of instructions new technologies for the jewellery production. The range is gigantically big and one white often not at all where one should start.

Fascination wire volume 1 - Tanya Paulus.

Tanya Paulus is one of these professionals, above all in the area Wirework. She has developed a big number of designs and technologies and has documented this now in your books in instructions step by step. The single technologies are based on each other, so that one can develop slowly and stetigb if one the design examples they are introduced makes up and to itself makes the shown technologies Too own. We offer you at this point a small insight of the contents you in the first tape fascination wire expected. Of Mrs. Paulu certificate biologist and on detours to the Schmuckmachen has come, actually. Exactly this shows that of each of the joy has in this hobby, with the help of her instructions also in relatively short time in the situation is to be provided unusual and professional jewellery designs. As soon as the basic technologies exist, every artist develops his own style and can unfold his creativity.
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Tools for wire designing

Mrs. Paulus use different kinds of pliers for wire working. You also can take special wire tools Wig Jigs.

  • round nose plier
  • Chain plier
  • Sidecutter
  • Flat nose plier
  • Crimp plier

coiled beads




wire clasp

Simple and turned clasps

bead caps


coiled beads

Coiled wire caps

herringbone weave

Herringbone weave