Jewelry designs with sea glass beads and pendants

Boho Jewelry styles from Mallorca with sea glass

Meerglas Perlen und Anhänger

As a child, who has not once found on the beach a completely smoothed glass shard washed up by the sea! Sea glass is mysterious, feels wonderfully smooth and shines in the sun, especially when it gets wet. This enchanting flotsam is inspired by our new sea glass beads and pendants that fit so well with the design ideas from Mallorca, our new seaglass beads and pendants are modeled, which fit so well with the design ideas from Mallorca.
The small town of Santanyi in the southeast of the island of Mallorca impresses with its originality and picturesque streets with many small shops that stand out beneficially from the otherwise often common tourist shops. There you will find ceramics, the typical Balearic baskets, great decorations for the apartment and of course a lot of jewelry.
Especially hippie and bohostyles are announced this year: long knotted chains and bracelets with tassels and pendants, which are best worn with several.

Sea glass beads and pendants - Design ideas

The necklace was created with jewelry wire 0.36 mm aufgezogen. For fixing the pendant use Link EIGHT Loops 3mm Sterling Silve oder Link silver bead 3mm Silver 925. Both are brought up by one of the two eyelets. The pendant or charm is attached with a jump ring on the second eyelet.

necklace sea glass beads Turqouise-Orange

Necklace with Sea Glass Drop Pendant Flat Mandarine 33mm, Sea Glass Bead Starfish Tangerine 20mm, Sea Glass Beads Tangerine 4mm round 47 pcs. , Sea Glass Freeform Pebbles Aqua 25 pcs., Ceramic Beads Rondelle Mixed 10 pcs. tubes 16mm, Crystal beads Aqua opaque 4mm, Seed Bead Mix Aqua, Tassels of cotton with jumpring color Orange, Tassels of cotton with jumpring jeans blue 5 pcs.

We recommend: Search in your beads and charms for matching colors and designs, and try out unusual color combinations such as: Pink, red and orange!

On the picture below you see a subtler necklace, also mounted on jewelery wire, a combination of sea glass beads in sea green, Swarovski beads in the color Pacific Blue Opal und Sweetwater Pearls in White.

Tip: Start with the design in the middle and work on both sides of the closure. Here are ours Bead stopper smallr to secure the beads on the jewelry wire is great help.

Halskette mit Meerglas Perlen und Seestern Anhänger in der Farbe meergrün

Sea Glass Beads Sea Green 6mm round 34 pcs., Sea Glass Pendant Starfish Sea Green 31mm, Swarovski® Bicone Pacific Blue Opal,Sweetwater pearls white

On the following pictures you can see three quickly made wristbands created with Elastic-Cord 0.5 mm. The tassels and the starfish pendant made of enamel (private property) were again attached to the bracelet with the help of a link eight 3mm eyelets silver 925.

In the color selection, we first thought of the sea and sky and chose different blues and greens, as in this picture here:

sea glass bracelet blue green

But at first sand colored freshwater pearls, in the color of the beach, give the color combination the necessary contrast and make it look livelier.

sea glass-bracelet-shell

sea glass-bracelet-sea fish

Knoted necklaces with different colored beads and seafish pendants

knoted necklace with colored beads and sea fishes

Important: Make sure the cotton ribbon is long enough! The more you knot, the longer the band has to be. Alone for the variable knot closure you need about 40 cm. In addition there is a chain length of approx. 60 - 70 cm plus knots. Ie. You need at least 1.20 meters of cotton ribbon for a necklace! Finally, we would like to show you our cute bags or key chains.

With a diameter of 1mm, we prefer cotton tape, because a leather band of this strength tears too easily. The difference is really hard to see!

Finally, we would like to show you our cute bags or key chains. You'll need a strong polyester yarn and a bead needle . We knotted the yarn to a closed binding ring and put beads on both ends.
The pompoms are also raised. Then, with the needle back through the pom-pom, knot the end of the thread near the pompom with the main thread and pull the end through some of the beaded beads before cutting it off.
The knot disappears in the wool of the pompom. The pompoms we shortly will offer in the category Creativ Shop.

Keyring pendant with sea glass beads and porcelain fishes

At the jumpringring you can either choose a normal key ring as in the picture, an exchange ring or a Lobster Claw Swivel Clasp Stainless Steel 24mm fix.