• Jewelry wire

    Different jewelry wire in different sizes and colours

    Accu-Flex and Griffin professional quality beading wire gives you the best of both worlds: performance and value. With quality second to none, you?d expect Accu-Flex or Griffin jewelry wire to be expensive, but instead it costs you not more than ordinary wire. Flexible and knottable, Accu-Flex and Griffin features a supple but tough nylon coating. Accu-Flex and Griffin beading wire is available in a wide variety of colors, materials, diameters and strand counts.

  • Accu Flex wire 0,18mm

    Accu Flex wire 0,18mm
  • Accu Flex Wire 0,31mm

  • Accu Flex Wire 0,36mm

    Accu Flex Wire 0,36mm
  • Accu Flex Wire 0,48mm

  • Accu Flex Wire 0,61mm

  • Accu Flex Wire Black

    Accu Flex Wire Black
  • Illusion cord 0,25mm

  • Jewelry wire 0,38mm brown

    Jewelry wire 0,38mm brown