Create your own leather cord jewelry designs

Leather Jewelry

Never before have the opportunities as varied by itself produce jewelry from leather straps. On the market there are countless locks with different internal dimensions, large-hole beads and sliding as well as other components such as Anhängerösen or matching charms. Since it is fitting that leather jewelry, especially leather bracelets that are worn equal to several currently are right on trend. We would like to present a few of the possible design variants:

Leather bracelet Rosegold-White

An impressively simple but effective method consists of only two components: from any leather band and one in the right size, attractive leather strap closure. We have a white 10mm leather strap flat wound double here and glued into a magnetic closure Buckle hammered rose gold plating. The smart enough closure as decorative object from perfect, the winding-look is the leather bracelet a casual touch.

summer leather bracelet Millefiori Cabochons

Here we have the white leather band 10mm flat provided with five silver plated sliding beads cabochon version and glued summery colorful cabochons. For the upper band, we have chosen cabochons from Millefiori glass in the color Aqua. On the right you see Millefiori cabochons in green and the bottom left of Paua Shell cabochons in pink. The hook closure for bands from Zamak is relatively expensive, but it fits the design very well with the sliding beads cabochon version, which are also made of Zamak ..

Leather bracelet with crystal glass cabochons

A completely different version of this bracelet is made ​​of cognac leather belt with a combination of rose gold and silver. Colour-matched to we have selected the cabochons. A cheeky detail is the hook, in which we have a silvered and a rose gold-plated element combined. To glue the cabochons as well as for gluing in the leather bands in the caps we recommend the Future Glue Super Glue with brush. This dries clear, does not smudge and holds very well.

Macrameé-Bracelet from three clored leathercords

This macramé bracelet perhaps requires a bit of practice but is actually quite easy to make . The simple Macrameéknoten wins here considerably more attractive by the different colors.

We have this following leather belts taken : for the middle two leather straps around 2mm in turquoise, then each a leather strap 2mm wiped in orange and dark brown. The double-layered turquoise ribbon is umknüpft with the orange and the brown leather band, always the node with the tape begins , forming the inner zigzag pattern (in this case brown).

If you are not sure what color to form the edge , just compare front and back and then decide which side you like better . Usually it works best if you choose a lighter or bolder color for the border . You can of course work in two colors ; then you take it easy for the middle of the same color as for the zig- zag pattern. A guide to the node can be found here .

Black Macrameé bracelet with stainless steel beads

This macramé bracelet is worked very complex. To this end, we have three black leather cords 1mm linked. Each Macrameéknoten one stainless steel bead was 5mm threaded onto the middle like on the tape to knotting. The square stainless steel magnetic clasp makes the bracelet look very modern. Instead leather strap with 1 mm diameter we recommend to take better cotton ribbon. This is stable and can be significantly better tightened. Visually, no difference from real leather is on the finished bracelet to detect.