• Leathercord Wholesale

    Finest genuine cowhide leathercords, in different diameters and attractive colors

    Top quality leathercords, made of finest buffalo leather, weak and affectionate, best use for weaving jewelry cords designs or multi strand leathercord necklaces,  2mm leathercords in many different colors. Wholesale leathercords in 10m, 50m units and spools with 100m leathercords length.

    Notice: it is not possible to make exactly learthercords sizes. There can be a difference of 0,3mm to the offered cords size. If that makes any problems with the endcaps you want to use, you easily can cut the cords at an angle, till the cords match inside the endcaps.

    Smaller units of all leathercords in these categories you can find under category leathercords.