Instruction - Find out your matching ring size before you buy rings online

How to find out your correct ring size

As ring size is provided the inner periphery size of a ring or the inner diameter of the ring . When buy a ring online the right ring size is of crucial importance .. A ring must fit well. If a ring is too small, the blood is cut off, and it is too large, you can lose it easily. Therefore, the correct size should be determined before buying. We can help you determine the right size.

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Ring inside diameter in mm

The easiest way to find out your ring size is to measure a matching ring. If you have a well-fitting ring, then put the ring just on a ruler or tape measure. Determine how much is the inner diameter in millimeters and you have determined your ring size.


You can use that ring size model

to find out your matching ring size too. That model you can download here. To open and print out that PDF document you will need the Acrobat Reader.

Please open the PDF, print out the model, to find out your fitting ring size. To check whether the scale of the print is correct, measure the two right-angled lines at the top right of the model. The lines must each be 5cm long, then the scale is true.

Pay attention for the following...

  • The fingers of the left and right hands have often different thicknesses, so you should measure the finger on which the ring is to be worn.
  • Your ring size may vary, depending on weather conditions or fluid intake. Often the fingers are thicker in the evening than in the morning.
  • The ring sizes can vary, so you better determine your current size, rather than relying on a well-known value.
  • Width rings should be slightly larger than narrow rings.

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