Tassels are very popular among jewelry designers We are showing you now how easy it is to create a tassel on your own for low costs

How to make a tassel

Tassels are very popular among jewelry designers. Unfortunately it is quite difficult to find a tassel which is not only beautiful but also fits with our style. We are showing you now how easy it is to create a tassel on your own.

Quaste-picture 1

The tools and findings you will need:

round plier
flat plier
one attractive bead or bead cap
a piece of wire or an eyepin(eyepin)
3 or more small pieces of a small anchor chain
tiny charms as end pieces

Quaste-picture 2

What you have to do::

Then you take the round pliers and form both ends of the wire into a tiny loop. The lower loop should be left a little open in order to hang the pieces of chain into it.

Quaste-picture 3

Now you can add the pieces of chain by hanging it into the open loop and close it. If you wish to have more than only three pieces of chain at your tassel it is better to use a bigger jump ring to fix it to the loop.

Quaste-picture 4

Finally you connect tiny balls or other charms to the chain ends. Every ring of our anchor chain can be opened. In this case you open the last ring and attach the charm. If the rings of your anchor chain are soldered you can attach the charms with tiny jump rings.

Quaste-picture 5

This picture shows the ready-made tassel. Since you can use almost every bead there are hundreds of variations possible.

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