Jewelry and fashion trends for fall and winter 2009 - 2010

Lady 1

In the coming season the fashion is moving between two extremes: Clear and straightforward, with cold colors and contrasts, as well as soft and warm in all kinds of earth tones. Black, as so often in fashion this season, the tone and is mainly in red, white, purple and fuchsia combined. If this contrast is too extreme, you can also take on black or gray anthracite to fall back. The forms and styles are classic to graphically with broad shoulders, Ironing wrinkles and blazers. Bright purple and berry tones let memories of the 80s catch up. The jewelry for this style is large and striking, it should be clear shapes without much frills dominate. "Bling" is also allowed, as long as the colors glisten cold.

Lady 2

For this style fit the following colors and materials: Metals: Silver, Pewter, either pure or silver Stones: onyx, amethyst, black obsidian, garnet, red coral, rock Others: white cultured pearls, crystal Swarovskis in berries and earth tones, the sounds are often combined with each other, the main colors are camel, rust, beige and brown, and all sorts of intermediate tones such as taupe, khaki or cream. Some designers have also in the field of earth tones played with contrasts and browns are also happy with a strong Aquamarine, Turquoise or Petrol combined. The materials are soft, mostly natural fibers such as cashmere, wool or silk and flatter like the colors of the skin. Here dominates a more casual but sophisticated style with occasional folkloric elements. The jewelry for this style ranges from elegant classic to folklore.

Lady 3

For this style fit the following colors and materials: Metals: Gold, bronze, copper tiles: earthy jasper, citrine, carnelian and red agate, tiger eye, amber, smoky quartz, turquoise, chrysocolla Other wood, horn and bone, cream-colored cultured pearls, in Swarovskis Topaz, Copper, Crystal Golden Shadow, Caribbean Blue Opal Besides these two main trends are still the so-called Nude and powder tones to mention. Here you can find, for example, pale brown-pink, ivory, cream, vanilla and champagne as well as colors such as lilac, cyclam, lindgrün and turquoise, which are covered, as if you had it with a layer of skin-colored powder überstäubt. This match in particular soft and slightly playful jewels. Metal: silver, gold, bronze and copper, depending on the color of the outfits stones: Rose Quartz, Aventurin, green jade, Lepidolith, peridot, moonstone Others: Pearls in all pastel shades, Swarovskis in Vintage Rose, White, Sand and Violet Opal