Jewelry maker instructions

Each jewellry maker producing own jewellery designs develops with the time his own style and his own techniques in the production of his pieces of jewellery. We would like to share on these sides the jewellery  community tips and tricks. Here you find maybe useful tips which the work makes easier to you. Send us also your tips and tricks and report about your experiences, all jewelry makers can profit from your experiences.

For sure a little equipment is needed for creating jewelries


Jewellery tools and tools for the production of jewellery designs

Pearl boards

Pearl boards helps creating  jewellery designs. There are pearl boards in different implementation and dimensions. Easy pearl boards for single-breasted necklaces or bigger for mehrreihige necklaces. The designer can look to begin with like the respective chain will look without having to draw up the pearls. Besides, most pearl boards offer deepening to file the pearls to be processed.

Pearl stoppers

Perlenstopper are easy Stahfedern which are clamped on the jewellery wire to prevent that already drawn up pearls can roll down again from the jewellery wire. One can park a not yet closed chain with it also wonderfully.

Crimp plier 

Special plier, excluding the purpose serve squeeze pearls certainly fix crimp beads on the jewellery wire. Besides, brings the Crimpzange the squeeze pearls still in a round pearl form.

Beading tweezers 

Beading tweezers  there is in different implementation. Some have to be able to gather a spoon-shaped end around small pearls, again others serve the purpose to lead the thread with the IKnoten of bead chains or to move by loops.

Bead reamers set

Bead reamers are small files with those you can widen or clean drillings of pearls.

Jewelry pliers set 

Set special pliers for the jewellery production. The cheeks are completely smooth, so that pearls are not damaged so easily with the griffin or holding on. In addition, the single tongs according to form of the cheeks still have special functions. Round tongs, e.g., around round Ösen can bend from silver wire to cut off sharp flat-nose pliers around chain links of chains aufzubiegen or side tailor around wire pieces. Most good jewellery tongs dispose of a back feather and are made from good steel.


Jumprings are inalienable assistants, with the connecting of jewellery parts. The rings are opened with 2 flat-nose pliers gegeneinader, the connecting parts are hung up and the Öse is closed again.

Pearl needles, pearl silk and jewellery wire

Pearl needles are required with the knot by necklaces with pearl silk. In contrast to the work with jewellery wire the pearl is drawn up with the help of the needles on the silk thread and after every pearl a knot is appropriated. With jewellery wire it concerns a thin, nylon-covered high-grade steel wire which is available in different strengths and implementation. There is jewellery wire from 7, 19 or also from 49 single zusammengedrehten fine high-grade steel wires which have, nevertheless, only one thickness of just a half a millimetre. One can still choose this the suitable colour of the wire to the respective pearls which one would like to draw up.

Jewellery glue

A specially glue which remains transparent after the dry and owns high Klebekraft. One can stick with it final caps on leather tapes, stick on glass beads on furnitures and a lot more.