Necklace with Ornament - do it yourself

Decorate your leather necklace with ornament - how to do step by step

leather necklace picture

Anyone who in these days wants to ceate jewelery by himself and offer it for sale needs to reinvent himself again to be successful against the large quantity of available offers.
Sometimes just a few small handles are sufficient to give your jewelry design the final eyecatcher.
A simple leather necklace with a beautiful pendant has already become almost boring.
Therefore we show you today in our little video how to decorate a leather necklace with an ornament design.
In our video, we have included the pendant directly into the cord, but a better solution would be to use a bail, because then you have the possibility to exchange the pendant as desired and change it matching for the outfit.
The pendant is attached to the bails loop with a stable jumpring or split ring depending on the size and weight of the pendant. You only need to open the jumpring, replace the pendant and close the jumpring again.
If you know a little about weaving techniques, you can easily reproduce the ornament, the ornament is a weaving technique that is used.
Of course, you can choose the appropriate color for the pendant.
The used jewelery cords below are only examples.
The same applies to the jewelry clasp, we have chosen here a stainless steel clasp, which also has an extension chain.
This allows to vary the necklace  in length by up to 5cm. As a rule, a standard measure of approx. 40cm is used, but this length can be varied according to personal taste and needs.

For creating a necklace with an ornament you will need the following materials: