Instruction - Make your own headpins, then you easily can create fancy earring jewelry of it

Option 1: Headpins with spiral

In this example you can see how to make silver wire headpins by yourself. We show you a variant how simple and decorative head pins can be manufactured by you.

Needed Material :
Wire and silver hallow beads
More Material
  • Ø 0,5mm Wire, Length as desired (optional, depending on the bead size you maybe need thicker wire)
  • little Hallow beads ca. 2mm
take the wire by the flat nose plier
Picture 1

The wire is bent at the top about 5mm before the end. See picture 2

bend the wire to the side
Picture 2

Now take one of the small hallow beads and push it on the bent piece of wire.

move the beads on the wire
Picture 3

Now take the flat nose plier

take the end of the wire by the flat nose plier
Picture 4

Now press the wire end slightly to the bead and to the extent press that the long wire is crossed. See picture 5

roll on the wire
Picture 5

Now it's the best you take the flat nose pliers to roll the first spiral around the bead.

roll the wire between your fingers
Picture 6

If the begin has been made and the wire is not too thick, you can continue to wrap with your fingers around the bead wire. Here you have form again the spiral, you can take the pliers to help to push the spiral flat.

roll on the wire
Picture 7

The result of each spin is a small spiral with the small hallow bead in the center.

headpin with spiral design
Picture 8

Now bend the wire at the upper end of the spiral, the bead can now be pushed on top of the headpin, so that the hallow bead receives a good circulation

cut the too long wire from the end with the side cutter
Picture 9

The protruding piece of wire that we have bent at right angles at the beginning, can now be cut with the cutter.

take sandpaper
Picture 10

For the cutted top piece of wire use a piece of sandpaper deburred from pinch off and sanded smooth, so you can easily postpone the beads.

your headpin is ready now
Picture 11

So the finished headpin should look at the end. Repeat the same process again, then you can create a pair of fancy earrings of it.