• Flat Silver Beads

    Rondelles, Coin Beads, flat ovals and rounds and other flat designs

    In this category we offer beads with a flat design which can for instance be combined with flat gemstone or wood beads.

  • Bead Mini Amonite 9mm

  • Check Bead

  • Silvercoin with fish

    Silvercoin with fish
  • Bead Creole hammered 30mm

  • Bead Creole hammered 38mm

    Bead Creole hammered 38mm
  • Bead disk flowerpower

    Bead disk flowerpower
  • Bead Lens Silver Leo Print

  • beadcaps askalon

    beadcaps askalon
  • Silver Bead Retro Circles Silver 950