Mood Bead Ruby Glow

Mood Bead Ruby Glow Mood Bead Ruby Glow
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Mood Bead "Ruby Glow", 12mm

High Tec big hole beads on acryl base, decorated with flower pattern. The fascinating coating with liquid crystal let the beads colors change, if the temperature is changing. The colors vary from purple-blue to blue, green, yellow- amber, brown-grey up to black. Mood beads are called emotion beads too. The single colortones are connected with different emotions. Blue- purple means happy, blue calm, relaxed, green is neutral, yellow / amber tense, exited, brown-grey anxious, nervous and black cold, reserved. Create necklaces and bracelets with these Mood Beads and make fun to your customers or for yourself to play with that changing beads colors.

Sizes: 12mm x 12,5mm, threadhole 2,5mm

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