• Lucite Retro Flowers

    Lucite Retro Flowers

    Acryl Flower Power

    Lucite jewelry with flowers and leaves was extremely fashionable during the seventies and is now having its revival together with other retro fashion. Mix these beautiful flowers with other materials like metal beads and swarovski? crystals for a trendy summer feeling.

  • Large Lucite Flower Frosted Lilac

  • Large Lucite Flower Frosted Pink

  • Large Lucite Flower Frosted Red

  • Lucite Flower Mix Blue

  • Lucite Flower Mix Clear

  • Lucite Flower Mix Purple

  • Lucite Flower Mix Pink

  • Lucite Pansy Bead Raspberry Red

  • Lucite Pansy Beads Sky Blue

  • Lucite Pansy Beads Lilac

  • Lucite Pansy Beads Orange

  • Lucite Flower Leaves Black

  • Lucite Small Leaf Black

  • Lucite Leaves frosted Lilac

  • Lucite Leaves Frosted Black

    Lucite Leaves Frosted Black