• Lampwork Beads

    Artfully twisted lampwork beads in many varieties and colors

    Make jewelry with lampwork beads

    In the glass beads handmade lampwork beads  are probably the queens among the glass beads. A great art is not only to shape beads of glass, but always surprise me the more and more new shapes, patterns and motifs with which these lampwork beads are decorated. Thus wonderful beads can be put together to new combinations and invent new jewelry designs time after time. We are always looking for our customers for unique and stunning glass beads or lampwork beads. Take a look by yourself ....

  • Lampwork Glass Bead Happy Pumpkin

  • Lampwork Pendant Fleuer De Lis

  • Beads Lampwork Evil Eye Triangles

  • Beads Lampwork Evil Eye Hearts

  • Beads Lampwork Evil Eye Blots

  • Beads Lampwork Rounds Evil Eye 8mm

    Beads Lampwork Rounds Evil Eye 8mm
  • Lamwork Bead Pineapple 22mm

  • Lampwork Bead Africa

    Lampwork Bead Africa
  • Lampwork Beads Brown Pink

  • Lampwork Glass Beads Spring 14mm

    Lampwork Glass Beads Spring 14mm
  • Lampwork Beads Black And Red Hearts 10 Pcs.

  • Lampwork Beads Rivet

  • Lampwork Beads Pink Flowers

  • Lampwork Beads Set Woodstock

  • Lampwork Beads Cubes Mixed

    Lampwork Beads Cubes Mixed