• Gemstones black

    Gemstone beads in black colour tones

    Jewelry designes often search for beads in special colors or shapes for their jewelry designs, gemstone necklaces or bracelets.

    This is why we decided to work with categories of gemstone bead colours.

    In this categorie you will find different kinds of gemstone beads in black or very dark colours: Lava beads, obsidian, black agate, jet, hematite and so on.

  • Carved Agate Rose

  • Bighole Beads Picasso Jaspis

    Bighole Beads Picasso Jaspis
  • Large Hole Bead Snowflake Obsidian 13mm

  • Hematite hearts big

  • Hematite stars small

  • Hematite cubes 3mm

    Hematite cubes 3mm
  • Lavastone Beads 4mm Round Black Strand

  • Lavastone Beads 6mm Round Black Strand

  • Lava Stone Beads Creme White Round 8mm

  • Lava beads round 12mm

  • Lavastone Beads Round 14mm

    Lavastone Beads Round 14mm
  • Lavastone Beads Round

  • Lava Beads Strand 16mm Round

    Lava Beads Strand 16mm Round
  • Obsidian disks faceted 14mm

  • Feldspar Pebbles Triangle

    Feldspar Pebbles Triangle