• Silver Spacers

    Tube-, Ball- and other Silver Spacer Beads

    Spacers are often used instead of knotting beads or pearls.They do not only have a positive effect on the visual appearance but also help to improve the fall of the necklace.

  • Tubes twisted

  • Spacer Trumpet Snail

    Spacer Trumpet Snail
  • Spacer cube folded

  • Spacer Blossom

    Spacer Blossom
  • Spacer 3mm round Surgical Steel

  • Spacer Bamboo

    Spacer Bamboo
  • Triangular spacer

    Triangular spacer
  • Spacer ball 3mm

    Spacer ball 3mm
  • Spacers plain

    Spacers plain
  • Spacers plain long

    Spacers plain long
  • Spacers, rounds with sun

    Spacers, rounds with sun
  • Spacer Rectangle

    Spacer Rectangle
  • Spacers twisted

    Spacers twisted
  • Spacers long tubes

  • Spacer cigar

    Spacer cigar