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Logo stamp made of Caron steel,

create you own logo design with these steel stamps. Each one will be manufactured dependend of your targets. The stamps size of a logo sign is another as for engraving a company's name. Beside you find examples. You can choose the letters of all usual types and you also can send your own types. They will be scanned and setted up to the maschine creating the stamps.

Delivery time: app. 10-14 days

  • The stamps prices are depended of the special design, so the price of 100 Euro is app.
  • You send us your design with the sizes, we speak to our manufacturer and give an exact offer to you.
  • Before creating the stamp you will get an ecxact print with a preview that you have to sign and send back.
  • Because it is special work the stamp cannot give back after receiving, if it is equivalent to the preview.
  • Email any logos, your signature or other images for creating a steel stamp to service[at]magic-and-arts.com. A vector based file created in Adobe Illustrator or in the freeware vector program Inkscape or a pdf docl. Raster/bitmap file types like tif, jpg or psd will also work. A Word document is not acceptable.
  • We need the exact size for the steel stamp or tell us which logo pendant you want to use. The steel stamp will be optimized for that logo charm. 

For better understanding the stamps of the two designs beside:

  • the gabeco stamps price was 100 Euro incl. 19% Tax
  • the stamp with spiral picture design will be cost 120 Euro incl. 19% Tax

    For sure also stamps for decorating jewelries can be created, stamps with flower patterns or something else. Please feel free to ask for, we make an special offer for you.


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