• Rose Gold Jewelry

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    Rose Gold Jewelry

    Set new accents and embark on the rosy side of life. Rose gold jewelry is the trendy alternative to gold, silver and platinum. Whether for bracelets, necklaces or earrings - try it out!

    Due to its delicate hue rose gold jewelry brings enchanting romance and glamor into your outfit. Combined with sparkling crystals this jewelry trend is appropriate for grown-up princesses without being cheesy or childish.

    It is so convenient because rose gold jewelry is suitable for every type of woman. It flatters every skin and hair shade - whether light-skinned and blond or dark-haired and -skinned. Just a few examples: rose gold earrings and necklaces makes blonde hair shine and its wearer elfin. Brunette with rose gold jewelry have a softer and more delicate appearance.

    The hue in rose gold is created by copper. Pure gold is too soft for making jewelry and must be alloyed with silver and / or copper. The intensity of the rosetone depends on the amount of copper in the gold.