• Pendants Sale

    Clearance Sale: Save up to 50 % for charms and pendants in our big blow out sale!

    In this category we offer discontinued Charms and Pendants at a fraction of the former price. Use this last opportunity to fill up your stock with these items.

  • Affirmation Ring Soccer Silverplated

  • Pendant cup mallow

  • Focal Resin With Swirl Design

    Focal Resin With Swirl Design
  • Buddha pendant, Acryl, silverplated, 31mm

  • Pendant Blue Glass Snail

  • Focal Heart With Birds

  • Peace Sign Stainless Steel

    Peace Sign Stainless Steel
  • Pendant Butterfly

  • Pennant Fisch

  • Silvercharm Africa

  • Charm Blossom Capsule

  • Charm Flower Cup

  • Buddha Charm Stainless Steel

  • Silver Charm Dragon Silver

  • Charm Element Wood