Store Sales with Magic and Arts- Magic and Arts offer customers to buy directly in our store in Moers

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Store sales Magic and Arts Monday - Thursday from 11:00 - 15.00

Necklace Manali

Some customers have requested in the meantime whether it is also possible to make purchases directly in our store in Moers. Even if one has taken good photos of the articles, nevertheless, one can judge considerably better whether the materials fit to the planned jewellery design if one has the pearls in the hand.
Particularly with the expensive silver, customers would like to check this to begin with and hold pearls or findings in the hand.
Besides, many customers are also to be accepted ready a little longer journey.


The discount relays in our on-line shop are also the same by the store sales here on site in Moers. Pending from the goods value we award discounts after the following discount relay:

The discount system work as follows:

  • from 50 Euro free shipping (only within Germany)
  • from 150 Euro total amount of order 5% discount
  • from 350 Euro total amount of order 10%
  • from 700 Euro total amount of order 20%
  • from 2000 Euro total amount of order 30 %

With higher shopping sums it still depends on the fact which articles have been selected and it possible-wise even higher discounts can be also negotiated after arrangement here in the store.

pendant Christmas Star

Particularly with the articles from high-quality Hill Tribe Silber we offer to our customers the possibility to be able to make purchases too considerably to more favorable conditions if you select these articles to our PDF catalogue and we order this then especially for you. Besides, they can convince themselves here on site of the good quality of the silver produced from hand to hammered pearls, connecting pieces or fasteners. Of course you can also select directly in the camp from the available silver article. The gramme prices with orders from our silver catalogue are depending on the whole order sum. Besides, the prices are dependent on the world price for silver. They can see the topical prices and order terms in our online shop under info wholesale and under collective order.