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All orders from 30 Euro total amount receive free shipping within Germany from now. More discounts are starting at 150 Euro amount. More information to our discounts you will find here.

Completly new is the Magic and Arts Premium Club. A membership in our premium club allows you to profit from following benefits:

- 10% personal premium membership discount which will be deducted from your total amount in your cart*. This discount is additional to our usual discount rate.

- free shipping within Germany as of a total order amount of 30 Euro

- special premium customer support service by mail and telephone

- additional discounts* on the total order amount as above mentioned

*all services with costs i. e. stamp producing charges, charges for engraving or image editing or processing are excluded from these discounts

For only 50 Euro annually you can become a premium club member and benefit from all these advantages. For further questions and assistance please contact us under 0049 2841 6079658. Read more

New Products

100m Leathercord Natural 0.5mm
100m Leathercord Natural 0.5mm: 1 spool, 100m fine leather cord, natural, Ø 0,5mm

Slider Bead Pac-Man
Slider Bead Pac-Man: Cheerful Slider Bead with Pac-Man design, Zamak, silver colour

Leather Cord Magnetic Clasp Buckle Design
Leather Cord Magnetic Clasp Buckle Design: High quality magnetic clasp for leather and other cords, ...

Big Hole Bead Longvity
Big Hole Bead Longvity: Big hole bead made of imitation coral with long life symbol, ...

Copper Bead Nautilus 12mm
Copper Bead Nautilus 12mm: 2 copper beads with nautilus shell design, 12mm, ...

Flat Pad Earstuds 6mm Stainless Steel
Flat Pad Earstuds 6mm Stainless Steel: 5 Pairs of 6mm flat pad earstud findings made of stainless ...

Malaysia Jade Fuchsia 6mm round
Malaysia Jade Fuchsia 6mm round: 1 Strand malaysia jade, fuchsia, 6mm round

Malaysia Jade Lapis Blue 6mm round
Malaysia Jade Lapis Blue 6mm round: 1 Strand lapis blue malaysia jade beads 6mm round

Malaysia Jade Aqua Blue 6mm round
Malaysia Jade Aqua Blue 6mm round: 1 Strand malaysia jade beads aqua blue, 6mm round

Malaysia Jade Sea Green 6mm round
Malaysia Jade Sea Green 6mm round: 1 Strand sea green malaysia jade, 6mm round

Paua Shell Cabochon 12mm golden green
Paua Shell Cabochon 12mm golden green: 1 paua shell cabochon, golden green, 12mm with resin coating

Paua Shell Cabochon 12mm Pink
Paua Shell Cabochon 12mm Pink: 1 paua shell cabochon, pink, 12mm with resin coating

Paua Shell Cabochon 12mm Emerald
Paua Shell Cabochon 12mm Emerald: 1 paua shell cabochon, emerald, 12mm with resin coating

Paua Shell Cabochon 12mm Blue
Paua Shell Cabochon 12mm Blue: 1 paua shell cabochon, blue, 12mm with resin coating

Slider Bead With Setting Rose Gold Plated
Slider Bead With Setting Rose Gold Plated: Slider bead with 12mm cabochon setting, rose gold plated

Slider Bead With Setting Silver Plated
Slider Bead With Setting Silver Plated: Slider Bead with 12mm cabochon setting, silver plated Zamak

50m spool leathercord 2mm white
50m spool leathercord 2mm white: 50m cowhide leather cord, round 2mm, white

Spool 50m Leathercord Gold-metallic 1mm
Spool 50m Leathercord Gold-metallic 1mm: Spool 50m Leathercord Gold-metallic 1mm

Stainless Steel Big Hole Bead Stardust 6mm
Stainless Steel Big Hole Bead Stardust 6mm: 10 big hole beads stardust design, stainless steel, 6mm round

White Mountain Jade Beads 8mm round
White Mountain Jade Beads 8mm round: White Mountain Jade Beads 8mm round

Lobster Claw Clasp Rose Gold Filled
Lobster Claw Clasp Rose Gold Filled: Lobster Claw Clasp 14K rose gold filled, 9 mm

Cord Clasp With Hook Rose Gold Plated
Cord Clasp With Hook Rose Gold Plated: Cord clasp with hook, Cartier Style, rose gold plated, for ...

Enameled Bead Sikar
Enameled Bead Sikar: Blue enameled bead with ornamental design, silver-plated ...

Ball Chain Stainless Steel 40cm Ball 1.5mm
Ball Chain Stainless Steel 40cm Ball 1.5mm: 1,5mm ball chain stainless steel, 40cm with lobster claw clasp

Enameled Bead Sathana
Enameled Bead Sathana: Black and red enameled bead with wave design, traditional ...

Enameled Bead Dadhia
Enameled Bead Dadhia: Traditional Indian black and red enameled bead with beaded ...

Large Fine Silver Brushed Heart Pendant
Large Fine Silver Brushed Heart Pendant: Large heart Pendant, brushed surface, fine Silver 999

Stainless Steel Heart Pendant With Ornaments
Stainless Steel Heart Pendant With Ornaments: Pendant Heart with Ornaments, Stainless Steel 316L

Book Premium Account
Book Premium Account: Book Your Magic and Arts Premium Account

Bead Adaptor Silicone
Bead Adaptor Silicone: 5 pcs bead adaptors for big hole beads with holes from 4 - ...


Gift voucher 50
Gift voucher 50: Gift voucher to the value of 50 Euro

Crimp Beads 4mm
Crimp Beads 4mm: 10 crimp beads 4 x 4mm, cut tube, silver 925

Crimp Tubes Loop
Crimp Tubes Loop: 1 pair Sterling silver crimp tubes with loop

Jumpring Tool
Jumpring Tool: Jumpring tool helps to open and close jumprings

Bead Tips 3mm
Bead Tips 3mm: 1 pair bead-tips, standard, 3mm, silver 925

Bead Reamer Economy
Bead Reamer Economy: Bead reamer economy

Adhesive GS Hypo fabric cement
Adhesive GS Hypo fabric cement: 10ml fluid tube special adhesive GS Hypo fabric cement

Pascofix instant adhesive
Pascofix instant adhesive: Pastofix®, 10g tube, very strong instant adhesive

Splitrings silver 8mm
Splitrings silver 8mm: 2pcs. splitrings Sterling Silver, 8mm

Lobster Claw Clasp Silver 16mm
Lobster Claw Clasp Silver 16mm: Large lobster claw clasp with ring, sterling silver 16mm

Design Set Leathercord Denpasar 3mm
Design Set Leathercord Denpasar 3mm: Lederband Design Set Denpasar 3mm, silver 925

Headpin Closed Loop Silver 925
Headpin Closed Loop Silver 925: Headpins, 6,7cm, Ø 0,7mm, closed loop, silver 925

Ring Charmholder Open 23mm
Ring Charmholder Open 23mm: Sterling Silver charmholder ring open Sterling Silver, 23mm

Tassel Kalicut Silverplated Copper
Tassel Kalicut Silverplated Copper: Tassel "Kalicut" silverplated copper 85mm

World Cup Hippie Bracelet
World Cup Hippie Bracelet: World cup hippie bracelet, leather

Cell Phone Soccer Ball Charm
Cell Phone Soccer Ball Charm: Cell phone soccer ball charm, 14mm

Bead Soccerball Resin 8mm
Bead Soccerball Resin 8mm: Soccer ball bead made of resin, 8,5mm


Logo Charms engraved with your individual motives

Magic and Arts- Engraving - Service- New Stern neu

Most of our customers produce high-quality jewelry and prefer therefore charms pendants of sterling silver or Vermeil-gold plated sterling silver or use stainless steel or plated materials. more Info

New Hill Tribe Silver Catalogue 2009

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Hill Tribe silver catalogue, which you can download  as a pdf-document here.


Diamonds - the soul of jewellery

Precious or semi-precious stones are undoubtedly one of the most important elements in the design of beautiful jewellery. Stones are old and have spent a long time hidden in the earth, until one day they come to light. These semi-precious stones are then cut, sanded and polished. In addition, many of them have been improved or stabilised through various methods. Some stones are said to have healing powers, although one thing is certain: Each gem has their own unique story, energy and charisma. Capturing all these qualities in jewellery design is an art in itself.

Buying semi-precious stones is a thing of trust - information on gemstone purchase from Magic and Arts

With today's technical possibilities, it is sometimes difficult even for an expert to tell the difference between a genuine semi-precious stone or an imitiation stone. In addition, about 99% of all semi-precious stones are treated in any way, mostly by the use of heat, in order to enhance their beauty or change their appearance. Carnelian, for example, have been exposed to solar heat since ancient times with the effect that their iron hydroxide content is converted to iron oxide - leading to their popular red colour. Most red agates also go through the same process.

It is Magic and Arts's desire to always disclose whether our semi-precious stones are natural, in any way treated, refined, synthetic, dyed or imitated, as far as known to us.

All abbreviations used are those released by the American Gem Trade Association and conform to international standards. We thereby offer a guarantee of quality. Don't be under any illusions: Semi-precious stones that are sold at under 10 Euros per strand simply cannot claim to be of top quality. Many stones sold for those kinds of prices, especially high quality stones, such as tourmaline, are then more likely to be of lower quality. However, these can still have a certain charm as long as you know what you are buying. It is sad to know that there will always be merchants who sell certain stones as "genuine" at prices that are simply not feasible if they really were genuine as they claim. In reality, these so-called "genuine" semi-precious stones are more likely to be  imitations such as glass beads, which look deceptively real. Whether these "semi-precious" stones are sold as genuine with the intent of deception or not is a different matter - "but I bought these as the real thing!" - and one always wants to believe statements such as this as the stones were such a bargain!! Please click here for more information on abbreviations and enhancement methods for semi-precious stones Read more

jeweler tools

New jewellery toolscopper and bronze  clasps as well as jewellery tags and stamps

We offer you many new and practical tools for professional jewellery design. New handy mini pliers with pvc-coated grips which are ideal for working with very small findings, as well as crimp pliers, beading tools, a new diamond bead reamer set, as well as normal sized jewellery pliers and cutters.

Our gorgeous copper and bronze clasps perfectly match the new style beads that we have on offer, giving you the opportunity to create even more attractive and exceptional  designs. Copper and bronze are semi-precious metals, and so can be combined with silver beads as well as other materials such as glass beads, wooden beads and semi-precious stones for a unique look.

In addition, we now offer jewellery tags and design stamps to give your jewellery the edge. Design stamps will be manufactured according to your specifications and can be used with our sterling silver tags in different shapes and sizes.

Silver products

Magic and Arts

is all about individual jewellery design. We offer our customers an impressive selection of handmade beads, spacers, earring components and clasps made from Sterling Silver or 950 silver, as well as a vast collection of beads and pendants made from other matrials such as copper or bronze. In addition, you will find a beautiful selection of high quality timeless silver jewellery. Having been jewellery designers ourselves for years, you can rest assured that all our items are lovingly selected and of the highest quality, just as you would expect. And, of course, for those loved ones there is always the option to buy our popular gift vouchers and letting them choose their favourite items themselves.

SSL coding and a Commodo SSL certificate guarantees our customers the safety of their personal data. We offer several kinds of payment methods including  credit cards via Paypal or Moneybookers. We give you the best service possible for an all-round satisfactory shopping experience. This includes our  Call-me-back service for any queries or problems you might have with your order. Of course, you will always be informed about the status of your order, including an emailed order confirmation, receipt of payment confirmation and dispatch notice. Our information pages give you hints and tips, instructions on the creation of beautiful jewellery as well as general information about jewellery design. 

We offer fast shipping with very reasonable shipping costs, as well as giving our customers special  discounts for orders over 50 Euros.

Picture Discount


We now offer special discounts to our customers. Orders from 50 Euros onwards will receive a 5% discount.

The more you order, the higher your discounts will be up to a whopping 30% of your total order.  More information 

Symbole Telefone

Our Call-Me-Back Service

We would like to help you with any questions or problems you might have with your order.

Please use our handy Call-Me-Back feature and we will get in touch asap. More information

New Glass Beads at Magic and Arts

Many customers told us they would like to see a larger selection of quality glass beads. We were very lucky to find a supplier who gives us great rates for superb glass beads, and sowe are now in a position to offer our customers a vast collection of inexpensive high quality glass beads in all colours, shapes and sizes, such as Aventurin beads,  rocailles, Czech crystal, silverfoils as well as lampwork beads.

Wire Wrapping

Wire wrapping is a great way of transforming your jewellery into something very special. Whether you would like to decorate a precious stone or turn it into a chic pendant, create spacer beads for a necklace or would like to produce your own earrings, wire wrapping is the way forward. All you need is our handy Wig Jig and the world is your oyster! Of course, we also offer coloured brass wire as well as other coloured jewellery wire, giving you the option to match the colour of your wire to the colour of your beads. Colours available are silver, gold, black, blue and red. It goes without saying that this wire is much cheaper and more suitable for this kind of work than Sterling Silver wire.

Necklace with silversnake

Fashion Trends for winter 2008/2009

Fashion this season is all about big, bold and beautiful.

This winter, jewellery wants to sparkle and be the centre of attention with different colours in berry and golden shades: purple, fuchsia, pink and blackberry, as well as gold,copper, bronze and brass. More information

handmade butterfly silver 950

Thai Silver from the Golden Triangle...

Thai Silver is a very special kind of handmade silver jewellery produced by the hill tribes of Northern Thailand. It has become famous for its high purity with a silver content of up to 99,9 %, which makes it easy to work with and create fabulous designs. Sterling Silver has a higher copper content, making it harder. On the other hand, it is a bit more expensive than normal silver jewellery.

Thai Silver is also known as Lanna Silver, Hill Tribe- or Karen Silver. In our shop, you will find beautiful pieces made of 95% Silver as well as 92,5%, also known as Sterling Silver. We are also planning on offering jewellery made of 99% Silver soon - watch this space!

The situation in Thailand is very difficult, and so we support a Thai initiative to help the hill tribe people of Northern Thailand with regard to lowering crime rates and keeping and producing new jobs in the production of silver.

Karen Hill Tribe Silver Jewellery

More than 100 years ago, the hill tribes settled in the Golden Triangle in South-East Asia, where Burma, Laos and Thailand meet. They were originally nomads from China, looking for a new place to live. In Thailand, Karen Hill Tribe people are called Kariang or Yang. They are the largest hill tribe in Thailand. In old times, Karen Hill Tribe people used to live as farmers, and often their houses would be built on stilts. They would clear the land with elephants and start cultivating opium, a very easy and the rest of the population and many of the hill tribe people themselves becoming addicted to the drug. At the beginning of the 60s, King Rama IX and his wife Sirikit, started an initiative to help the hill tribes with different sources of income. And so, the first generation of silversmiths was born. They were trained in producing stunning and unique designs of silver jewellery made with high quality silver. The techniques used by the silversmiths were then passed down to the next generation, and to this date, Karen Hill Tribe silver jewellery with its extraordinary designs mirrors their unique art and culture. The different motives used like flowers, animals as well as geometric figures show the deep connection that these people have with their land and seas. Karen Hill Tribe jewellery contains this spirituality and passes it on to it's wearer.


Fine Silver findings....

It is not easy to find beads and findings made of Sterling Silver but we are able to offer you a beautiful selection of high-quality silver findings and jewellery. In our catalogue you will find different toggles and clasps, spacers of many shapes and designs, beads, beadcaps, headpins, pendants and charms with extraordinary designs as well as earring and chandelier components for your own creations. Most items are made of 95% Silver, with a minimum of 92.5% (Sterling Silver). In addition, we also offer other beads made of crystal, glass or semi-precious stones. There is also the option for made-to-order jewellery made from our own components. If this is something you are interested in, please get in touch.

We are continuously updating and changing our stock but if there is anthing you are looking for specifically, please let us know. You can always browse our wholesale catalogue, and if there is anything you are particularly interested in, please let us know via our wish list and we can order a small selection of the items you desire with no obligation. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Charm Winged Heart Antiqued Brass
Charm Winged Heart Antiqued Brass: TierraCast® charm, winged heart, antique gold colored brass, 17mm

Charmholder Heart Link Silverplated 22mm
Charmholder Heart Link Silverplated 22mm: Silverplated brass charmholder heart, link 22mm

Heart Cats Eye Glass Turquoise
Heart Cats Eye Glass Turquoise: Charm heart cat`s eye class in turquoise, 24mm

Miss U Heart Crystal Red Magma
Miss U Heart Crystal Red Magma: Swarovski® pendant Miss U-Heart Crystal Red Magma, 18mm


Schmuck Zubehör vergoldet oder aus Silber

Many tools and findings for creating your own jewelry designs: crimp beads and crimp covers, jumprings and earring components.

Open Heart Pendant Stainless Steel
Open Heart Pendant Stainless Steel: Open heart link or pendant, stainless steel

Bead Resin Moon Shell Heart 29mm
Bead Resin Moon Shell Heart 29mm: Moonshell bead with resin, brown dyed, 29mm


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Beads blue Agate 6mm
Beads blue Agate 6mm

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heart pendant silver 925 28mm
heart pendant silver 925 28mm: Charming heart pendant, Sterling Silver, 28mm

Bighole Bead Heart Silver
Bighole Bead Heart Silver: Bighole bead, "Heart", sterling silver, 10mm

Millefiori Heart Pendants Red
Millefiori Heart Pendants Red: 1 pair Millefiori heart pendants, red, flower design, 17mm

Heart Pendant Bronze 28mm
Heart Pendant Bronze 28mm: Charming heart pendant, Bronze, 28mm

Charm Little Heart Silver 950
Charm Little Heart Silver 950: Charm little heart hill tribe pendant, Silver 950

Beads Magnesite Hearts Turquoise
Beads Magnesite Hearts Turquoise: 5 pcs. magnesite beads, hearts turquoise colored, 24mm

Big hole Bead Heart Filligree Silverplated
Big hole Bead Heart Filligree Silverplated: Heart, silverplated brass, filligree antique design, 26mm

Charm Heart Stainless Steel
Charm Heart Stainless Steel: Polished heart charm made of stainless steel, three-dimensional

Heart Pendant Crystal Clear Vitrail
Heart Pendant Crystal Clear Vitrail: Crystal glass pendant, heart, Crystal Clear Vitrail", 35mm

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